Panel Mount Outlet Power Socket AC 125V 15A US Plug 3 Pins Panel Screw Mount Type Female Connectors Adapter, Black


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Black US 3 Pins Panel Mount Outlet Power Socket Plug Panel Screw Mount Type Female Connectors Adapter

Plug Panel Power Supply : AC 125V 15A; Hole Number: 3; Pin Number: 3

Outlet Panel Top Square Face Size(Approx.):1″ * 1″ (L * W )

Industrial Plug Panel Fit for Mount Size (Approx.): 15/16″ * 55/64″ * 1-5/16″ (L * W * H)

Power Socket Total Size : Total Size : 1-39/64″ * 1-39/64″ * 1-17/64(L * W * H)

Plug Panel Material: Plastic, Metal, Electronic Parts

Contact material: Pure copper, Brass

Shell material: plastic

Pin Orientation: Straight

Mounting Type: Screw Type

Life: Long life

Applications:Used widely in lab equipments, medical devices, fitness equipments, industrial automation equipments, etc. For UPS, vehicle power supply, power supply cabinets, lighting equipment, communications cabinets and other power devices.

Package Content : 3 Pins Outlet Power Socket

( Note: Screws are not included here.)
Tips:Keep the product as far away from water as possible to avoid leakage.


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